Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Well, it looks like THE EXPENDABLES 2 is more on track than I thought.

It seems that a little surprise was revealed at the Cannes Film Festival: the picture you see above.

Don't gush about the movie just yet. This is merely a picture. It's not like they found out what the movie is about. Oh, wait, I think they just did...

The Expendables are back and this time it's personal! After Tool (Mickey Rourke), the heart and soul of the Expendables, is brutally murdered on a mission, his comrades swear to avenge him. They're not the only ones who want blood. Tool’s beautiful young and wild daughter Fiona embarks on her own revenge mission, complicating matters when she is captured and ransomed by a ruthless dictator plotting to destroy a resistance movement. Now Barney and the Expendables must risk everything to save her and humanity.
Sounds like a great plot, a winning formula that's only fitting for only the greatest action hero troupe deemed worthy for taking on such an enormous task.

It was, unfortunately, too good to be true. The big boss himself, Sylvester Stallone, has taken to Twitter to immediately shoot down (figuratively) the claim of the movie's plot being revealed.

Personally, I would have taken this plot. It sounded great, it had a delivery that had so much potential and promise, it was a perfect outline. But now we just have to shrug our shoulders and go "Oh well, now we have a completely brand new plot with brand new surprises and lead characters to look forward to."

story via JoBlo, tweet via Twitter (duh)

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