Monday, June 20, 2011

Now That Harry Potter Is Ending,
Who Will Stand Up To The Plate and Take Over?

With the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter coming to a close (and not a moment too soon), there's a challenge faced by every movie producer when a highly successful franchise comes to a close: what to replace it with?

A good candidate would be the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Why?

Let's break it down...

It has to be something that can appeal to mainly teenagers and children, and it definitely has to be family friendly. Another biggie is that the source material has to be plentiful, so it has to have more than one big novel...more like 5 novels, so they can have some sequels in the bank in case it actually works out.

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Probably the biggest argument for it is that they have already made the first movie and have already seen the numbers it generates. Domestically, they only made $88 million, which doesn't look that great when you consider the $92 million budget. But if you look at the box office worldwide, it actually made $225 million.

A big plus to movie producers, especially now that they're too afraid to do anything radically different, is that it has to have a basic formula that they know can be applied to almost anything. In this case, to oversimplify:
  •  Harry Potter
    • a group of wizarding friends have adventures together, fighting forces of evil, while dealing with interpersonal issues and dealing with growing pains
  • Percy Jackson
    • a group of demigod friends (children of Olympian gods) have adventures together, fighting forces of evil, while dealing with interpersonal issues and dealing with growing pains

So there it is, Percy Jackson will probably, more than likely, be the new Harry Potter: there are books, magical powers, and plenty of material to work with...and, like with almost all movies, the book it's based on will be better.

I will probably be watching all of these myself because I'm a sucker for Greek Mythology. That's why I put myself through that abysmal Clash of the Titans remake (by the way, the alternate ending on the Blu-Ray edition is a much better ending than the original cut, and it's not even complete). Percy Jackson my be a modern take on it that tries to appeal to children; but I say that, given that circumstance, it performs pretty well.

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Cody Connelly said...

I highly doubt Percy Jackson will be taking Harry Potter's spot in the near future. While I will admit that I found the movie entertaining, I do not think it will get a sequel anytime soon because of the domestic box office revenue. Movie executives are sticklers when it comes to how much a movie makes domestically, and when it doesn't make back its budget, it's very rare that film will get a sequel. I'm also glad that Percy Jackson didn't try to sequel bait us like so many other films do, so when the movie ended, it felt like that story was complete and we didn't feel like stuff was missing.