Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TOY STORY 4 Confirmed, and the Hate Flames Are Lit

You ready to do this again, guys?

Were you into TOY STORY? Did you watch the third one, and feel the same symphony of emotions and the magic that only the good writers at Pixar can deliver to you? Admit it, you cried during this last one, and thought that TOY STORY 3 was the best ending to a movie series in a long time. It really had the perfect ending.

....only that apparently wasn't the end. Wait, what? 

Yeah, that's right folks: apparently, there's a TOY STORY 4 in the works. Tom Hanks, in an interview with the BBC, was asked point blank if there will be one.

"I think there will be, yeah....yeah, I think they're workin' on it now."

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Now I don't want to jump to conclusions, but let's take a step back here. There could be a possibility that it might be a good sequel. Who knows? They managed to make this last TOY STORY sequel an amazing experience that was worth every ounce of work that went into it, which in itself is just an amazing feat, especially with a whopping 11 years between the second and third.

Then again, if it's going to be the same team that brought us CARS 2, then I don't really have much faith in it. I haven't seen CARS 2, and the short TOY STORY film that is played before it, so I can't personally comment on the quality of either one. But from what I hear, it's a step down from the first.

But let's just paraphrase what the initial buzz around deh interwebs has been and will be in the coming days.

There goes your awesome memory of TOY STORY.

story via The BBC

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