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19 Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer (Part 1)

Think that spending upwards of $300 to $400 on a brand new laptop computer every few years is a little too much money? Of course it is... personally, I feel sorry for Mac users who spend upwards of $1,000.

Anyway, back to your not-so-perfect machine, you wish it would last longer? Well, here's almost a couple dozen things you can do to squeeze out just that much more life out of it.

Take Better Care of Your AC Adaptor
  • Unless you have a Mac, which comes with a MagSafe power adaptor, then you likely have a 2-piece adaptor that you have to attach together. That brick in the middle has its own separate motherboard with switches that sends information to your laptop. If you're not careful, the solder points between the connector and this motherboard can break, and the it can even overheat. If anything happens to it, that means you can't plug it in or charge it anymore.
Clean Out The Cooling Vent/Heatsink
  • It's not a pretty sight, but that little spot on your laptop that blows air out has a very vital purpose: it cools the machine. If too much dust/dirt/Cheeto's powder gets caught in it, it's useless. It's best to blow some compressed air into it to get some of it out; or if you're really serious about cleanliness, you can get in there and clean it out manually.
Don't Use Your Laptop In Bed
  • This is a VERY big no-no. If you do this, then your blanket, sheets, or even your clothes can block the vents on your machine, preventing the cooling system from properly working. This makes your laptop heat up, and it will eventually overheat. When it gets too hot, it automatically shuts itself off. Try to keep it on a flat, cool surface. If you must have it on in bed, then try to have it on something flat or will allow air to flow. 

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Get Yourself a Cooling Pad
  • It's a simple principle: the cooler your laptop while it operates, the cooler the parts, and the longer it will live. With a cooling pad, fans can blow on the vents, there is more space in between the machine and the surface, and you will get more air to it, allowing for a cooler machine.
Use CCleaner
  • The simple truth of your computer is this: it's ALWAYS doing something, even when you're not. Sometimes, things like Temporary Internet Files, History, Cookies, and other things can bog down the speed and performance. CCleaner helps you clean those files out, plus it's free and easy to use, leaving your machine in tip-top shape.
  • An often-broken rule, but it must be enforced when you can. Don't have any liquids or food near your computer while you're using it. The results can be disastrous, like Mr. Bean shows you here. Aside from frying your electronics, you can also get food particles under your keys and in the cracks of your mouse, which makes clean-up (if you ever clean it) very difficult.
Clean Your Monitor...The Right Way
  • This really isn't as difficult as it sounds. The right way doesn't require any special cleaning solution that you have to go out into some office supply store and buy; however, there are approved products. On the other hand, you also must not go and reach for your window cleaner to wipe this screen down (the chemicals will react with the glossy screen and ruin the finish). Instead, think more simply: use 2 tissues, one wet and one dry. Pretty straightforward: wipe with the wet tissue, then dry it off with the dry one. Boom, done.
Let Your Laptop's Battery Die
  • Sounds crazy, but every once in a while (about once a month), you should use up all of the battery life on your laptop until it dies. Manufacturers recommend against keeping it charged or plugged in at all times; in the long run, this will only diminish its capacity more quickly, making it run out of power faster.
Use Anti-Virus Software
  • You know what this is. Just go get it and use it regularly, as long as it's legit software. Here are some free programs you can use...just don't use all of them together. They'll only clash with each other and not protect you. So just use one.
  • If you think you're safe by just owning a Mac, think again. That mindset died with the advent of the scareware called MAC Defender. So I suggest you Mac-users help yourself to one of these as well.
Keep Windows Up To Date, Always
  • Another tip you hear all the time, but it keeps bearing repeating each time: download those windows updates, update Windows, and keep up to date with them. It's not very hard. Heck, Windows even does it for you most of the time. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't also make it your business to check every once in a while. It's your machine. Make sure it works.

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