Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fake Boy Band 2GE+HER Possibly Reuniting,
...That Is, If MTV Lets Them

If you were a young girl in the mid to late 90s, then you were more than likely part of the fanbase of the musical phenomenon that was the boy band era. With quintets that ranged from N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys to other bands like 98 Degrees and even O-Town (from ABC's original MAKING THE BAND show, before Sean Combs bastardized it on MTV), it was quite a time for pop music.

In the midst of all of the boy bands was one that was a complete fabrication: 2GE+HER. (pronounced "together")

The reason this group is coming back in the news now is that it looks like they're getting the band back together again. Yep, that's right, fellas: TMZ has reported that Alex Solowitz (who played Mickey Parke, "The Rebel") had this to say on the matter:
"the guys have discussed filming a parody documentary detailing the band's reunion. The fake-doc would also show them creating a new song."

Sadly, the group's youngest member, Michael Cuccione [who played Jason "Q.T." McKnight], passed away in 2001 after a long battle with cancer. The group plans on donating a MAJOR amount of the proceeds to his foundation.

TMZ reports that "Solowitz says the whole group is on board -- now they just need to meet with MTV and the show's creators to get them to sign off on the idea."

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In an original MTV movie/mockumentary, 5 singers were assembled to make a boy band that took the world over by storm with songs like "Calculus (You + Me = Us)" and "Say It, Don't Spray It". It was actually a pretty good movie once you got past the cheesiness; and it didn't take itself too seriously, which is always a good thing for a movie.

If you were able to catch this small parody (it was actually hard to catch, it wasn't around for long) and you were aware of boy bands at the time, then you probably appreciated the humor and satire that it used to make fun of the whole boy band idea.

Just in case you don't remember, here's a music video they made...

Here's a few pics that got the ball rolling on Facebook.

story via BuzzFeed and TMZ

2GE+HER was included in Exophrine's TRIBUTE TO FICTIONAL BANDS!

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