Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Google TV Now Has A Channel For Pr0nzzz!
Thanks, Vivid Entertainment...

If you're new to Exophrine, one thing that you should know is that when it comes to the topic of pr0n, we're not afraid to address the issue directly. Our philosophy is that we're (hopefully) all adults here, and you can handle reading up on a topic having to do with pornography without having to deal with any shenanigans, skirting the issue with double entendres. It's about porn, so let's get to it...

Google is notorious for making deals with some pretty surprising people. As of yesterday, yet another unexpected turn was taken when Google's TV venture unveiled a new channel that is dedicated to the consumption of adult entertainment. With the help of the production company, Vivid Entertainment, you can now turn to a single app/channel on Google TV to watch porn movies (provided that you're a paid subscriber to Vivid online).

The variety of videos/films are plentiful with categories such as "adult movies, celebrity sex tapes, educational videos and more." For obvious reasons, this app won't be advertised on the Android Market; you'll have to go out of your way to get this on your machine. It's also made in HTML5 (once again proving that porn is always the trailblazer when it comes to new technology).

Steven Hirsch, co-founder and co-chairman of Vivid had this to say:
“[Vivid for Google TV] is a central part of our making Vivid available everywhere concept, which gives fans unified access to our content through their personal computers, mobile devices, tablets, television sets and DVD players.”
What's more is that they've been working on this for over a year, trying to make (in his words) a “robust, standalone Internet-TV channel with a friendly interface for the consumer that can be used with the current Google TV technology and other Internet protocol presentation methods now in development”.

That kind of makes me respect them a little, taking the time to make something that can not only be used for porn, but for pretty much any other Internet-streaming service that dare reaches out to them for help. Go Vivid, good for you guys.

story via TechCrunch

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