Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PIC: DeLorean Redesigns Look Awesome

Out of the many many many things that have become a true staple in American culture, one of the greater and rare artifacts that became immortalized is the DeLorean vehicle from the 1980s. Rather small in size, it was made one of the most recognizable cars ever, thanks to the BACK TO THE FUTURE series, used as the mode of transport as a time machine.

But enough chit-chat, because the reason this car comes up now is because the good people over at had a contest where the goal was to come up with a makeover for the plain silver/gray DeLorean vehicle. What follows is a collection of the best...

The Doctor's been talking shop with Doc Brown, it seems. 

Click here for a lot more...

Bond's deal with DeLorean had a few clauses.

Thanks to our friends over at Cultural Compulsive Disorder for the post!
These are awesome!

pics via Worth1000

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