Tuesday, December 13, 2011

COOL STUFF: Small Scale Engines That Really Work!

Goes great with any living room set.

When considering how far we've come as a world civilization, one just has to marvel at the level of technology that we've invented and since surpassed with the simple and ultimate goal of making our lives easier to manage. Case in point, the car engine. Such an intricate and complex sum of interworking parts are working together, all in the name of propulsion and energy. With hundreds of small parts collaborating to make a vehicle of a few thousand pounds move, it really is a modern marvel.

What follows are almost pocket-sized versions of the two main types engines that have been mainstream: steam-powered and combustion.

First, we witness a steam engine, with parts made completely out of glass:

...and now the modern combustion engine, the size of a soda can, with working parts!

videos via Neatorama and Netaorama

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