Thursday, March 22, 2012

RR says "I'll Make Sin City 2 **AFTER** MACHETE KILLS"

If you were one of those many many many MANY fans who thought that the black and white noir adaptation of Frank Miller's SIN CITY was the most amazing thing ever to grace the big screen 7 years ago, then there's some great news for you: Robert Rodriguez, the genius behind directing the first movie has confirmed that a second SIN CITY movie is coming.

He dropped the bomb last week at Austin's South by Southwest festival in Texas, laying out his future plans (for real this time) for cinema. He said that he'll begin making MACHETE KILLS starting shooting as soon as this April. After that, only then will me be making SIN CITY 2.

The next SIN CITY will be primarily based on the prequel comic entitled A DAME TO KILL FOR. As far as any reprising roles for SIN CITY 2, most actors have welcomed the idea with open arms...all except for Mickey Rourke who before vowed never to come back as Marv. It's pretty likely that Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Rosario Dawson, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Devon Aoki will all return to bring their characters back. There's still time (and hope) that Rourke will change his mind before development starts.

Some of the other comics that this next movie will be based on is THE LONG BAD NIGHT and JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT; and Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller hope to turn TO HELL AND BACK into a third movie, if possible.

Ball's in your court, Rourke...

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