Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Inventor of the Internet (Not Al Gore)

If you know your computer history (and shame on you if you call yourself a computer geek and don't know), then the name Tim Berners-Lee should be one of the biggest names ever. Why? Because, unlike Al Gore, he actually invented the Internet. He's the guy who created HTTP as a means for computers to communicate with each other across a network, created the first server...and the rest is history.

Why is this guy talking? He's speaking out against the anti-piracy and copyright legislation that's been coming out in favor of suppression and censorship in the name of protecting creative properties by the MPAA and RIAA. 

"We mustn't allow record companies' fear that their business model isn't working to upset the openness of the internet...Record labels have a very strong voice when it comes to arguing for their particular business model, which is in fact out of date. The result is that laws have been created which make out as if the only problem on the internet is teenagers stealing music. The world is bigger than that. The internet is bigger than the music industry. The economic impact of the internet is bigger than the music industry."

He admitted that there's a lot of information being shared and a lot of movies and music being downloaded, but that absolutely pales in comparison to the social interaction that goes on between people every single day. He said that companies in favor of SOPA, PIP, and CISPA should be able to "take away the rule that you should only punish someone after appropriate court proceedings."

He agrees that there does need to be a model in place for the fair purchasing of digital content (music and movies) online such as online stores and even donating to the content creators, but it shouldn't be up to big organizations like the MPAA and RIAA to decide.

story via Ars Technica

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