Wednesday, May 30, 2012

COOL STUFF: Google's Transparency Report

We all know the credo of Google: Don't be evil. And if you've been at all aware of how they have fared in the news, then you know how difficult that can be to uphold.

One of the less evil things Google has done is to make their business (at least their legal side) more transparent by making certain legal documents served to them public for anyone to see. Regardless of who the documents are from (governments, copyright owners, captains of industry, etc.), Google puts it all out there for all prying eyes.

Much like The Pirate Bay's section of Legal Threats, this division of Google completely airs out the dirty laundry of all the requests to censor or remove information, all the inquiries into the activities and information of users, and any other attempt to, in some way, impede the flow of information between Google and the user.

To illustrate and provide further information about the flow of information, Google also provides Traffic Graphs to show exactly how much traffic has increased or decreased and at what time; this is to better inform as far as what the cause for it might be. Say a dramatic reduction in traffic on any indexed could be linked to a cease-and-desist order given to that site, Google will have the documentation, ready for everyone to see.

Kinda cool, and it could come in very handy for small start-ups if they get into any trouble.

link via Google Transparency Report

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