Thursday, June 7, 2012

More People Are Suffering From "The Truman Show Delusion"

Psychological conditions that spring from movies isn't a new thing: after the release of THE MATRIX, some people started believing that they themselves (much like Keanu Reeves's character Neo) were living in the dreamworld that is The Matrix. After INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, people believed that some of the close people that they knew could be one of the said "snatchers." But now a more common delusion is spreading, one called the "Truman Show Delusion."

As you might guess, this delusion is where people believe that they are "the 'star' of a reality television show secretly broadcasting their daily life, much like the main character in Peter Weir’s film The Truman Show." At first, in the early days of the film's release and before the people started whoring themselves with their own personal blogs, social networks, and other whoring media, this condition wasn't very common. But now, with reality shows, YouTube, and social networks, this disorder may be this century's "paranoia du jour."

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Here's one example of someone with such a delusion:
Nicholas Marzano believes he's the subject of a secret reality show, and everyone in his town of Hillside, Illinois is in on it. He's suing HBO in federal court for, in his words, "filming and broadcasting a hidden camera reality show depicting the day-to-day activities of plaintiff" without his consent. His suit, filed in April, alleges that HBO has hidden cameras throughout his home, installed controlling devices in his car, enlisted the help of local police, and recruited actors to portray "attorneys, government and law enforcement officials, physicians, employers, prospective employers, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers," all so that their show about his life can continue. Marzano also says HBO is keeping him from getting a job or paying his bills, so that he will be forced to remain on the show.

As with most conditions, there are mild cases and extreme cases. I would think a viable attempt at putting an end to it would be to say that, due to low ratings, the show got cancelled.

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